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  • Building resilience... Facilitating recovery... A life in the community for everyone

  • A report section on "Reducing Substance Abuse in America: Building the Nation's Demand Reduction Infrastructure A Framework for Discussion"

  • So you think your friend or sibling has a problem with drugs or alcohol? Maybe he or she seems like a different person since starting to drink or get high.

  • It's difficult to know when to say something when you're worried about a friend's drug or alcohol use. 

  • It's never easy to tell a friend that he or she has a problem…but isn't that what a friend would do?

  • A listing of drugs, their effects, and withdrawal symptoms.

  • If one of your friends needed help solving a business problem, or was sick, or needed help watching the kids, no doubt you'd lend a hand; but when a friend, student, or child  shows signs of a

  • When it comes to teen substance abuse, it seems like we’re always playing catch up. Anytime a new drug hits the streets, its popularity soars, and we find ourselves fighting against it.


  • How do alcoholics trying to maintain sobriety handle it when they see these news stories about how they might live longer with one drink a day?

  •  Topics currently available in this online library explore issues such as prescription drug abuse, recovery oriented systems of care, alcoholism, trauma, women, co-occurring disorders, motivat

  • Resources to help people in recovery stay clean and to support one another.