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What You Can do for Your Child

If your child has a substance-related problem, you need someone you can turn to for information and expert advice, just as you would if your child suffered from any other medical condition. But you may be in even greater need of support, as the stigma associated with addiction often makes parents feel uncomfortable confiding in even their family and closest friends. ARMS can help you to overcome this shame by educating you about how addiction functions as a disease of the brain, and by empowering you and your family to navigate the complicated maze of substance use disorder treatment choices.

Treatment services vary widely by type, cost, location and duration. Many families lack access to the information needed to make informed decisions.

We can familiarize you with the warning signs that may indicate your child is using or abusing substances.

Our experienced team of addiction clinicians, recovery coaches and clinical coordinators will guide you during every step of the recovery process, helping to lay the foundation for your child to eventually make the transition to a healthy, independent adulthood. You can access information about what types of insurance are accepted by ARMS, sign up for email alerts or ask our team of experts a specific question about your child’s substance use.

Does Your Child Have a Problem?

You might not even know if your child has a substance-related problem or is just exhibiting the usual growing pains that go along with being an adolescent. We can familiarize you with the warning signs that may indicate your child is using or abusing substances. 

ARMS is also available to offer you guidance in a variety of different ways. We provide one-time consultations to those who do not wish to enroll in our program and provide evidence-based coaching to the families of young adults with substance-related problems who are not yet willing to seek an assessment or treatment themselves. We also offer a series of video lessons that will answer many of your questions about helping your child.

Helping the Whole Family

When young people develop substance-related problems, their whole family is impacted. And at ARMS, we strive to treat the whole family. Both our patients and their parents each receive their own Recovery Coach, so family members are able to address their own feelings and questions without impacting the recovery process.

Learn more about ARMS’s caring, all-encompassing approach to recovery.