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Young Adults

Relapse Triggers

How do alcoholics trying to maintain sobriety handle it when they see these news stories about how they might live longer with one drink a day?

Help a Friend

It's never easy to tell a friend that he or she has a problem…but isn't that what a friend would do?

Talking to a Friend About Drinking or Drug Use

It's difficult to know when to say something when you're worried about a friend's drug or alcohol use. 

Helping a Friend with a Drug Problem

So you think your friend or sibling has a problem with drugs or alcohol? Maybe he or she seems like a different person since starting to drink or get high.


You are unique, and so is your recovery. At ARMS, we won’t tell you what to do. Instead, we’ll support you while you decide how you want to improve your life and, when you’re ready, let you tell us what your recovery process should be.

Helping Friends

Recovery can be an upsetting and difficult process. Substance users may feel angry, guilty and ashamed. This can make it hard for their friends and family members to offer them the kind of honest, caring communication and unconditional support that will make their recovery possible.


No matter what your parents, teachers or friends might say, you’re the only person who can know if your substance use is a problem. It’s up to you to decide if you need help. And only you can make your treatment work.

Using or Abusing?

You may not think that your substance use is a big deal, especially if your friends drink or use drugs. And it’s true that not everyone who uses alcohol or drugs is, or will become, an addict. But if you do use substances, you should be aware of how they are impacting you and what the possible consequences may be.

What You Can Do If You Think You Have a Problem

If you think you might have a problem with alcohol or drugs, things probably aren’t going so well in your life right now. Maybe you’re having problems at school, maybe you had to go to court because you got in trouble for something you did, or maybe your parents always seem to be mad at you. Or maybe things are okay; no one knows that you might have a problem, but you’re scared that your friends will laugh at you or your parents will punish you if they find out that you do.

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