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For Parents

How does addiction function differently in young people?

For Schools

Do zero tolerance approaches work with the teenage brain?

For Young Adults

Find out what your patterns of alcohol consumption are.

About ARMS: Bridging the gaps on the road to recovery

The Addiction Recovery Management Service (ARMS) specializes in supporting teenagers and young adults between the ages of 15 and 25, and their families, as they deal with their substance-related problems. It has been found that adolescents who enter treatment are more likely to achieve long-term sobriety than those who enter as adults, and the earlier they enter, the more effective the treatment will be. Our highly-skilled, multidisciplinary team of clinicians, clinical psychiatrists and masters-level social workers is trained to work with youth and families and provide an individualized, all-encompassing plan for recovery. Read More »

Take our Alcohol Consumption Quiz to learn about your patterns of alcohol consumption.